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André Mettler, Business Navigator

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What your golfing reveals about you as an entrepreneur …


You like swinging a golf club and you are the one who holds the reins in the company? As an entrepreneur or manager, your concentration, leadership skills, decision-making qualities and straightforwardness are key assets. The effective use of your skills on the golf course or in the board of directors depends entirely on you.

Occasionally, however, minor course corrections are necessary – which often only your subconscious is aware of. We help you to focus precisely on your goals and thus to achieve better results. Get to know yourself better and thus improve your weaknesses. Join us on a fascinating trip into yourself. Self-reflection hosts enormous potential!

How do we do it?

By means of an exclusively moderated mental training workshop. Our unique combination of mental coaching and leadership training for businesspeople helps you to prevail in both worlds. We empower you to correct yourself and reach your goals. The golf coaching deals with roadblocks and clears the way for an improved handicap.

Please feel free to request information about the workshops that we conduct in small groups and in an exclusive setting.