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BoD coaching and consulting

What are your requirements for a board of directors? Have you ever had your BoD setup examined in a critical and objective manner by an expert? As the top governance body of a company, the board of directors must meet diverse organisation and task-related standards: Laws, articles of association and recommendations as well as the expectations of the stakeholders dictate a challenging plethora of priorities that need to be addressed with best-practice solutions.

Mettler Consulting can assist you as an active BoD coach and advisor. As a “devil’s advocate”, we ask critical questions and introduce new perspectives. While doing so, we only get involved as much as necessary – not as much as possible: a pragmatic, forward-looking and success-oriented approach. From our own management experience as a company owner and holder of BoD mandates, we know what entrepreneurs are talking about. In line with our goal to secure our customers’ future, we pursue a sustainable approach.

Thus, you can benefit from a professional sparring partner who helps you and your business move forward with effective solutions. With a “passion for success”, as we say.