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No matter what your path to success looks like, Mettler Consulting can guide you on the way there. As an equal partner, we coach your activity on the board of directors, support you in leadership issues, assist you in strategy development or take action before anything goes awry – for example in the course of interim management. We can also help you to make farsighted succession arrangements. In this context, we prefer a long-term collaboration that enables ongoing measurement of success.

Mettler Consulting has a network structure. Therefore, we are also able to provide you with competent and individualized guidance in related areas like trusteeship, law and IT. Moreover, we can help you when it comes to finding qualified professionals for your company.

Thus, you can benefit from comprehensive, application-oriented solutions that are tuned precisely to your needs.


What your golfing reveals about you as an entrepreneur …

You like swinging a golf club and you are the one who holds the reins in the company? As an entrepreneur or manager, your concentration, leadership skills, decision-making qualities and straightforwardness are key assets. The effective use of your skills on the golf course or in the board of directors depends entirely on you. Occasionally,...
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